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  • Friday, January 23rd, 2004
    8:25p - FAQ
    1. What is the Snarry Reader?

    The Snarry Reader is a general resource for fans of the Snape/Harry pairing. We are neither exactly a recs list nor a comprehensive pairing list. The mods here are all Snarry fans and this is a list of Snarry fic and art we have seen or enjoyed. The list includes the "best" (things you would normally find recced) but also Snarry that we enjoyed enough to pass along to a like-minded friend.

    2. If the list is meant to be all the Snape/Harry fic and art that the mods like, since my work isn't there should I assume you don't like it?

    Absolutely not. Although none of us has veto power, for the recs to be more than just something only one of us liked, we try to rec those things that we believe can be enjoyed by a cross-section of Snarry fen. And to do that, that means that more than one mod needs to read and rec an entry. Sometimes it takes a while for all of us to read a story. It's also possible that we've read it and didn't like it. There's no getting around taste.

    Please keep in mind that although we read a LOT of Snarry, we do miss things. If you have a suggestion for something you think we should include, please comment with a link. We are always interested in hearing about more Snarry. ;D

    3. What kind of fic and art can a reader expect to find recced here?

    Well, first of all, we are all Snarry, all the time in this community. You will find recs for fic and art from the journal sites, the archives, author websites, Yahoo Groups - anywhere there is Snarry, we will want to know about it.

    As for what you can expect to find recced here, well, a little of everything. One of the mods here likes to think of Snarry in the same way she does ice cream. She loves ice cream. All flavors and by all manufacturers. She will try all of it. However, she does know that some people who also love ice cream only love chocolate ice cream or ice cream created at that special corner shop. All of us still love ice cream, but folks who love all flavors and those created by all manufacturers will likely find more recs they agree with here than those who have a more discriminating palate.

    4. Why do some of the fic and art on your list suck?

    There's no accounting for taste. Each [info]snarry_reader mod brings a unique perspective to the community. We are all Snarry fans, but each of us appreciates different aspects of fic and art. Some only like stories that are well-written or art that is technically exceptional. Some value a strong emotional response despite uneven language or poor anatomy. Some like edginess, some cleverness, some fluffyness. We're hoping that our broad tastes means the list contains something for everyone.

    5. Why do you rec so much? Surely the quality would be higher if you were a bit more choosy.

    We like to think the amount we are reccing is 'just right'. Enough so there is both variety and substance, but still with some criteria for inclusion. However, the lists and the reccing process are a work in progress. We will continue to make adjustments we think will make the Snarry Reader a more valuable and accessible resource to Snarry fen. We welcome all feedback and suggestions.

    6. Why do you rec so little? Surely more people could find something they liked if you recced more things.

    Please see the previous question. ;D

    7. What about warnings?

    Many of the stories and pictures we link to are rated NC-17 for adult content and so are inappropriate for minors. We make every effort to link to entries that include author/artist warnings, but please be aware that each author/artist warns according to their own discretion and we will not be adding additional warnings to the Fic Master lists.

    On the Art Master List only we will try our best to warn for common triggers, such as non-con, graphic violence, and, of course, chan. But BE WARNED: Some of these links lead directly to pictures that are NOT WORK OR CHILD SAFE. They might have adult content and they might be chan. Please exercise caution when clicking on any links.

    8. I found a broken link. How should I contact you to report it?

    You can report a broken link here.

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