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  • Tuesday, April 12th, 2005
    9:42p - Severitus/Sevitus Stories
    Read more... )

    9:57p - Through a Shattered Mirror, by Rushlight
    Title: Through A Shattered Mirror
    Author: [info]rushlight75
    Story Link: here
    Pairing: Harry/Snape/Draco
    Rating: NC-17
    Warnings: Non con, some violence, somewhat AU
    Author’s Web Site: The Bard’s Den
    Author’s Email: n_sanity75 at

    Note: This story has a companion piece, in which the same events are retold from Snape’s POV. You should read “Through A Shattered Mirror” first, however.

    Summary: Captured by the DE, Harry is given to Snape as a slave.

    Review by Regan V

    I was an hp non con virgin when I first came to Rushlight’s site. But ah, she was gentle with me, just as Snape is with Harry, in this story. In order to prevent Harry’s execution by Voldemort, Snape (who has openly joined the Dark Lord’s side) asks his master to give Harry to him, as a sex slave. Harry’s sexual enslavement is not being undertaken merely as a formality, however. He must be truly possessed by Snape.

    The “Harry as a DE sex slave” plot line often results in an orgy of violence and brutal sex; whether this is gratuitous or not depends on your standpoint, of course. But this story is unique within the genre: Snape’s rape of Harry is gentle, skilled, relentless, and arousing. It’s a powerfully erotic and horrifying scene. Reading it, I felt involved, engaged, and somehow complicit. Snape also compels Harry to have sex with Draco, who is Snape’s second (and very willing) concubine.

    In the hands of a less talented author, this would be the cue for Harry to quickly come to terms with his situation, and love the forced sex. But Rushlight’s story is far too complex and ambitious for this easy (and implausible) resolution. Harry feels shamed, trapped, and depressed; he also lives outside of the bubble of intimacy and affection that bind Draco and Snape to each other. Characterization of all three men is superb, and the dynamic that develops between them (and the story’s ending) defies any easy summary or categorization. This story is too alluring to resist, no matter how much the events it describes appall you. It will force you to think again about issues of eroticism, compulsion, dubious consent, and rape, while it simultaneously delivers a charged, entertaining story.

    9:59p - Transformation, Animagus and Creature!fic
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